Rebar Manufacturer and Supplier For Concrete Reinforcement

Adjusta manufacturers and markets the JointLOCK System, an innovative high-strength mechanical rebar connector to provide continuity of reinforcement steel across joints in concrete construction.

JointLOCK has become the connector of choice for Australia’s foremost structural engineers, major construction companies, and leading formwork contractors.


Adjusta supplies connection systems to major construction projects including office towers, hospitals, high-rise apartments and hotels, commercial developments and government buildings



Adjusta is proudly a 100% Australian company with world class expertise in product development, project sales, distribution and technical services. The company has formed strong relationships with its manufacturing partners to produce quality components to our exacting specifications.



Adjusta undertakes rigorous testing programs for quality control, continual improvement and new product development. All testing is carried out by independent NATA authorities to applicable standards.

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Latest News

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